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Cambria is just one of the major quartz countertop providers.  Other examples are available by request.

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Choose an Edge

Customize your countertops even further by choosing a shape for the edges. More edge options are available upon request.

Care and Maintenance

Routine Cleanups

For regular cleaning of quartz countertops, just wash with a damp cloth or sponge and some mild soap.


Do not expose quartz countertops to bleach, abrasive cleaners, oven cleaners, or abrasive scrub pads. Do not apply any sealants or topical treatments to quartz countertops. Do not cut directly on quartz countertops. While minor knife slips will just dull the knife, too much force will scratch the surface. Always use a heat shield, hot pad, or trivet. Extreme heat can cause damage.

Countertops must be wiped off immediately and rinsed thoroughly if they come in contact with any of the following chemicals:


Drain Cleaners

Hair, textile, or food dyes

Oven cleaners

Toilet Bowl cleaners