Choose a Color

While white marble is the most predominant, other colors–such as gray, beige, brown, green, or blue–do exist. Please contact S & W Cabinets directly for more details on available colors.

Choose an Edge

Customize your countertops even further by choosing a shape for the edges. More edge options are available upon request.

Care and Maintenance

Routine Cleanups

For regular cleaning of natural marble countertops, wipe with a wet cloth and specially formulated marble cleaner.

Surface Protection

Natural marble is easily scratched. Always use placemats under china, ceramics, and other hard objects. Natural marble is prone to etching. Always place coasters under drink glasses and never let liquid sit on the surface.


Do not use acidic, alkaline, or abrasive cleaners. Do not use typical household cleaners containing vinegar, ammonia, or bleach. Do not cut directly on natural marble countertops. Always use a heat shield, hot pad, or trivet. While natural marble is heat resistant, in rare cases extreme heat can cause natural marble to crack. Natural marble is porous and even when sealed, will be stained if spills are not wiped up quickly.

Countertops must be wiped off immediately and rinsed thoroughly if they come in contact with any of the following chemicals:


Drain Cleaners

Hair, textile, or food dyes

Oven cleaners

Toilet Bowl cleaners