Choose a Color

Natural granite countertops consist of a single slab of stone taken from a quarry, which is cut and shaped into what you envision. This means that the only way to know exactly which color and pattern you’re getting is for you to visit the quarry and choose the stone.

Choose an Edge

Customize your countertops even further by choosing a shape for the edges. More edge options are available upon request.


Care and Maintenance

Routine Cleanups

For regular cleaning of natural granite countertops, just wash with a damp cloth or sponge and hot water, or specially formulated natural stone cleaner. Dish soap will not damage your countertop, but frequent use can cause buildup that will dull the finish. Be sure to completely dry the surface.


Do not use typical household cleaners containing vinegar, ammonia, lemon, or orange; as these will damage the finish and dull the surface. Do not use products containing bleach, glass cleaners, or de-greasers; as these will degrade the sealer and make natural granite more prone to stains.

Always use a heat shield, hot pad, or trivet. While natural granite is heat resistant, in rare cases, extreme heat can cause natural granite to crack. Do not cut directly on natural granite countertops. Granite is fairly porous and even when sealed may be stained if spills are not wiped up quickly.

Countertops must be wiped off immediately and rinsed thoroughly if they come in contact with any of the following chemicals:

Drain Cleaner

Hair, textile, or food dyes

Oven cleaners

Rust Removers

Toilet bowl cleaners