Find the perfect countertop to match your lifestyle.

S&W Cabinets’ standard countertops consist of medium density particle board, covered and self-edged with your chosen Plastic Laminate. These countertops may be customized by choosing Plastic Laminate from a variety of colors, textures, and finishes. See more here.

For those interested in a more heavy-duty countertop, we have several options to choose from. The most popular is the sturdy, easily repaired and stain-resistant solid surface. Solid Surface is available in a large variety of colors and patterns. See more here.

Traditionally made from butcher block, Solid Wood countertops require a little more maintenance than most other countertops. However, with proper care (such as applying oil monthly and promptly drying up spills) these countertops will endure just as long as other solid countertops. See more here.

Having literally been cut from solid stone, natural granite countertops are the epitome of “heavy-duty.” Along with enduring for years to come, natural granite countertops are resistant to heat, scratches, stains, and mildew. With so many different patterns and colors available, you’re sure to have a unique natural granite countertop. See more here.

For an even more durable stone countertop, quartz is the way to go. Quartz countertops can look and feel like granite, marble, and other quarried stones, but are equipped with superior strength and durability that is practically maintenance free. See more here.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, natural marble countertops are chosen for the aesthetics and character they gain over time. These countertops require more care than a typical countertop, but their beauty is undeniable. See more here.

For bathrooms, cultured marble is one of the most popular choices. Cultured marble is cast in molds to create specific pieces, rather than cut from a quarry. It is sealed during casting and will never need to be resealed. It is a less expensive, yet sturdier alternative to natural marble. See more here.

For demanding environments that require extreme durability, solid phenolic resin countertops are available. Where they lack in a variety of colors, solid phenolic resin countertops make up in toughness. Layer upon layer of plastic laminate that is melded together to form a countertop that is resistant to impacts, scratches, chemicals, stains, moisture, and wear and tear. See more here.